How To Learn Any Language Effectively?

Learning a new language and becoming fluent in it is not easy and requires dedication and determination too. Making your children learn a language not only helps in elevating communication skills but also equips them with a better career. Be it your mother tongue or a foreign language, fluency in any language gives you the power of expression. Let’s see some tried and tested tips to learn any language effectively and efficiently.

5 Best Tips For Learn Any Language Effectively

1. Speak with kids

Speaking with your child in the languages you know helps to boost her linguistic skills. Whether you speak multiple languages or a single one, speaking continuously with your kid make the child learn the concepts of language easily and naturally. The kids will automatically acquire a natural accent and grasp new words.

Speaking with kids and encouraging them to speak helps them understand the sounds, pitches and flow of the language. This early exposure to kids at a younger age provides them with a solid base that serves as a positive step for language learning.

2. Learn the right words first

Learning a new language is definitely not a cakewalk. Most students or even new learners complain of bad memory and lament that they forget the words. This problem is not related to memory but is more related to the approach and technique of learning a language. If you are learning a new language or second language, then try learning those words that are common in both languages.

It may take time to achieve a native level of fluency but achieving conversational fluency is not a big deal. There are some most commonly used words in every language. Try to learn them first. Also, read the topics that interest you or learn the words that you most commonly use in your daily life.

3. Maintain a schedule

The kids really need a more conscious practice time as it leads to the development of healthy learning habits. Parents need to keep a check that the child is sitting down and is practicing regularly. Whether it’s written, oral or revising class notes, the child must devote some quality time every day for self-practice. The repetition of new words will automatically build your memory and improve your natural learning patterns.

4. Find a new web series

Grab your favourite electronic device, be it TV or laptop or smartphone and watch a show or movie in a language that you want to learn. Turn on the subtitles for better understanding. This will not only help in building vocabulary but also helps in understanding the correct pronunciation of words. Try to mimic the accent of your favourite character.

Most of the shows and movies on Netflix or YouTube are available in multiple languages, so just switch the language. You would be surprised to know that kids are more patient and they will not hesitate to watch their favourite show in another language.

5. Read aloud

Language learning goes incomplete without the written aspect. Practice the questions given by the tutor or at the end of your book and read them aloud. Write answers to common questions such as your personal information, essay or text messages in the language learned to sharpen your writing skills. This practical aspect will expedite your learning and boost your confidence as well.

Just follow these steps and jump the bandwagon of languages!

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TEL GURUS is UK’s premier online education partner, providing quality tutelage for kids in all stages, whether KS1 or GCSE.

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TEL Gurus

TEL Gurus

TEL GURUS is UK’s premier online education partner, providing quality tutelage for kids in all stages, whether KS1 or GCSE.

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