Top 10 Advantages Of Learning Vedic Maths.


You know what, the statement “Vedic mathematics’’ is hence totally misleading and specifically fallacious. Besides, it is apparent from the mathematics used in the arithmetical tricks in the book that the techniques used in this text have nothing to do with the arithmetical techniques of the artifact. Several of the Sanskrit sayings in the book are cryptic (ancient Indian mathematical writing was anything but mysterious) and frequently so generalized to be void of any particular numerical meaning. There are numerous legal manuscripts on the mathematics of Vedic times that could be adopted in part to teach an authentic and accurate description of ancient Indian mathematics.

The teaching of mathematics includes both the teaching of the primary concepts of the subject as well as techniques of arithmetical calculation. Various of these can be far more quickly implemented on a simple computer or even an advanced calculator.
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Vedic maths, a very age-old method of mathematics that was developed in ashrams in the olden days endures well for enhancing your math (aptitude) skills in the modern-day.

Vedic Maths is also termed as speed maths or instant maths. By just understanding the sum we can solve it, in our mind. Vedic Maths is categorized as General method and Specific Method.


  1. Vedic Maths is an exceptional method to develop the speed of calculations. The methods of Vedic Maths are understood to cover almost all categories of mathematics.
  2. Simple to remember & use.
  3. The common ways of calculations are cumbersome and lengthy, Vedic Mathematics serves in solving the problems in a single-line solution.
  4. The knowledge of mathematical tables is almost stated irrelevant, tables up to 9 are all that takes to solve most of the problems.
  5. Apart from the calculating skills, it encourages the right brain to increase creativity.
  6. Focuses your mind, enhances mental agility, and intelligence.
  7. Strengthens your speed and efficiency. Become a Mental Calculator yourself.
  8. Promotes memory and heightens self-confidence.
  9. Develops an Interest in your for numbers.
  10. Increases your left and right sides of your brain hence using intuition and innovation. It has been remarked that Geniuses have been utilizing the right side of the brain to achieve excellent results.

People who know nothing about Math claim themselves as a Vedic Math specialist. Vedic Maths is a comprehensive Math program that essentially includes complete Algebra & Arithmetic. Different kinds of issues based on Geometry, Reasoning, Calculus, etc, can also be solved by easy to understand methods.


We should be proud that we belong to a country that was the creator of zero. We were outstanding in astronomy, Maths, Science & technology but due to adverse mentality people, our country endured a lot & still suffering.

Please don’t spread hatred about Vedic Maths. It can encourage every student, teacher to check math & do something better in the field of Science & Technology.




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TEL Gurus

TEL GURUS is UK’s premier online education partner, providing quality tutelage for kids in all stages, whether KS1 or GCSE.

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