Who is The Father of Mathematics

Mathematics is just a simple subject for the school curriculum. But the fact is, we cannot imagine our world without mathematics. Our world is nothing without maths, as you are no more able to call your friend or buy anything. Mathematics is the most primitive science above all the other ones.

It is the most essential of all other sciences, which altogether ameliorate the modern world of technologies and provide ease to human lives. However, it is not found on its own, and this fact is opened by several scientists a long time ago. So it is always a question that “who is the father of mathematics? Let’s have a quick discussion and find out the fact.

Paper work on desk — image source — https://telgurus.co.uk/
Paper work on desk — image source — https://telgurus.co.uk/

About The Father of Mathematics

A very few people know that the word mathematics is actually derived from the Greek word “mathema” which means knowledge. It includes the study of concepts such as mathematical analysis, theory, algebra, etc.

This is about maths, but the question is who is the father of mathematics, well Archimedes is known as the father of mathematics. He foresees the modern calculus of measurements of a circle, the technique of exhaustion to measures the areas different shapes, uses of prime numbers, the relation between cylinders and spheres, the concepts of spheroids and conoids, the equilibrium of Archimedes principle, spirals, planes, the great concept of infinity, and many more.

The principles of Archimedes is one of the major throwbacks in the great history of science. His crucial works are like on the measurement of the circle, on the Equilibrium of Planes, The Sand Reckoner. Apart from this, there are plenty of contributions that he has made in the field of mathematics.

Final Words

Archimedes has given its great contribution towards mathematics and server his lifetime, discovering different methods, techniques, and concepts in science and mathematics. All though he is not in this world anymore we are still using his great ideas and inventions while studying mathematics. And his ideas and principles will always remain with the world to inspire future science and mathematics lovers.




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TEL GURUS is UK’s premier online education partner, providing quality tutelage for kids in all stages, whether KS1 or GCSE.

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